April 26th: Speedbumps

I ended up exerting a lot of my energy digging in a back yard today, so I probably wasn’t going to get a lot done at any rate, but I’m also not exactly sure where to start in on developing the Detail editor. I already have something fairly functional, but A) it lacks support for setting the detail’s display image (which is pretty important), B) It has no method of creating new details (also important), and C) There’s not yet any support for placing particle effects, despite the particle effect system being quite functional already. It’s going to take a bit of brainstorming before I really dig into the code.

In the meanwhile, I’ve discovered there seems to be a bug or three in my BitmapAnimation code. This is causing the un-cached frames to render very slowly (possibly unavoidable, though hopefully not) and also making them render incorrectly. Tomorrow I’ll probably be fixing that up, and after that pondering exactly how I want the interface for the complete entity editor to look.


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