April 23rd: Asymptotic


Getting close, but of course the closer I get the more little things I notice to fix. Still need to allow editing of prototypes from the list for sure, would like to tidy up the animation and sound behavior control panels… little things, at this point. I got the prerequisite checking all working, the interface is reliable and consistent, deleting behaviors works… it’s all good. If I don’t notice anything big, there’s a good chance I can wrap this whole sumbitch up tomorrow, at which point I resume work on the detail editor — aided immeasurably by the work I’ve done here!

… Though, in point of fact, the massive inefficiency of the image browser worries me a bit. It’s not too bad now, but when I’m working with an entire game worth of assets instead of just the test frames and stuff I’ve got now? It might become a problem. So I may also spend a bit of time fixing the most inefficient parts of that before I move on.


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