April 10th: Prerequisites

Hmm! An interesting and unexpected hurdle has appeared. Well, I got the behavior dragging working: I can now re-order behaviors as necessary and I can easily drag them from the behavior list on the right as well. However, I created an error checking system for creating new behaviors, where each behavior checks to be sure the entity it’s created for has any necessary pre-requisite behaviors and throws an error if it’s missing any. So, for instance, gravity requires velocity and velocity requires position, so if I try to make position and then gravity it throws an error.

I think this is actually still a pretty good idea… I think I’ll want to ensure, as I go forwards, that not only is this respected when creating new behaviors, it’s also respected when attempting to delete other behaviors. It may get a bit tricky, but I think this is the smart way to do it and could solve me some much trickier debugging somewhere down the line.


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