April 8th: Like, Stuff

I got the stuff that didn’t work yesterday working, and I started in on making it possible to re-order behaviors. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but these bits are a little bit intricate compared to the broader strokes before, so it’s taking a bit to get them working right. I should be able to get re-ordering working perfectly tomorrow, and if that doesn’t take too long I should also be able to get dragging behaviors from the behavior list working and maybe deleting unwanted behaviors as well. Just, like, stuff. Lots of it.


About problemmachine

What is the nature of your problem? Can we modify the nature of your problem? Can your problem be touched? Eaten? May we eat your problem for you? May we eat your soul for you? Would you like a replacement problem? We make problems. We eat souls. We crap solutions. We are Problem Machine.
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