April 5th: Prototypical

The prototype panel works and loads in from an external source properly now. Prototypes can be dragged from there and placed on the field, same as with the list on the left.

Now, I’m getting back into the behavior editor. Mostly right now I’m just figuring out what components are going to need to be there and laying that ground work. Tomorrow the real work will start. Basically, there will be an information panel on the left that displays the entity’s name, id number, and coordinates, and allows them to be edited (except the ID number). This will also have controls to save the entity to prototype and/or to a file. To the right of this will be the scrolling window similar to what’s up there now, except what’s inside will be a bunch of little tabs showing the name of behaviors and where they stand in the pecking order, but without any controls (aside from possibly buttons to delete behaviors or shift them side to side). The control panel for each behavior will be opened up by clicking on the button for that behavior, at which point it will look basically the same as what’s up there now except with just one of them instead of a whole shitload of them.

I really don’t think this will be all that much work, and it will make this whole thing a gajillion times more usable. Once that’s done, I can finish up the behavior panel on the lower right by making it possible to drag behaviors from there to the behavior editor, at which point the entity editor is basically complete!


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