April 3rd: Listing To One Side

The changes I made today probably made a bigger difference to actual usability of the entity editor than anything I’ve done in the past month.

First, I got the behavior list working. Currently you can’t do much with them, but they all show up there anyway. I’m going to be making it so clicking on something in the entity editor does two actions: First, if the entity you currently have selected possesses whichever behavior you clicked on, it will highlight that in the behavior editor and scroll the window to show it. Second, it will be possible to drag behaviors from the behavior list and drop them into the behavior control panels to add behaviors. I’ll probably start implementing that stuff tomorrow.

After that, I made a simple change, one which nearly obsoletes the whole idea of the prototype list (but not quite): I made it possible to clone entities by shift clicking on them. This is probably, realistically speaking, how I’m going to be doing 90% of my entity creation work, since more often than not entities are perfectly identical to each other aside from their location. It’s not useful for creating the first entity of a type in a given room, which is why the prototype list is still necessary, but this is probably going to be the way I use this editor most of the time. How strange that it’s a feature I only thought of recently.

Finally, I started work on the prototype list. I’ve got it set up now so that it’s possible to load prototypes into the entity editor, but they’re currently not displayed in the list, nor would it be possible to do anything with them if they were. Still figuring out some of the details there, but I feel pretty good about how today went. Lots of progress on the entity editor: The end may just be in sight!

… at which point I resume work on the detail editor, but whatever.

Anyway, here’s what it looks like now.



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