March 28th/29th: Cycles

Phew, ended up spending most of today working on non-game stuff in order to scrape together the money for rent, but I spent 30 or 40 minutes at the end of my day to get the sound behavior control panels close to done. As it is now, if there are no commands in the panel it creates a button the create an empty command,  and if there are commands it creates a clone button in each command’s control panel to allow you to quickly create new commands based on the old ones.

Right now new commands, no matter their providence, are just added to the end of the list… This doesn’t really matter a whole lot, though it would be nice if new cloned commands got slotted in after the command they were cloning. However, I’ve learned my lesson about concentrating too much on ideal interface situations and fine polish to the exception of getting stuff working… for now, at least.


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