March 24th: Awake

I dunno what it is, whether it’s the change of the weather, a change in diet, new music to listen to, new ideas percolating, or what, but I feel really energetic today. Does that translate directly to getting more work done? Well… not exactly, but I at least spent a couple of hours taking a good long look at the problems I have facing me now, and made a couple of small but solid improvements.

Problem the first: The String Array control panel component is currently, generously speaking, BROKEN AS FUCK. It’s displaying wrong, and for some reason making any changes to it makes it quickly explode, all but crashing the program with a massive performance hit and making the component itself unusably inflated with useless data. I’m pretty sure this is just some fairly minor errors causing catastrophic side-effects, and should be handled in fairly short order once I find out where those errors lie.

Now… I think this is my own damn fault. In looking over the work I’ve done over the past couple of hours, I can’t help but think that one of the primary changes I’ve made to this class makes it more complicated and less intuitive, and in retrospect I don’t understand why I thought it was a good idea. Well… so it goes. It gives me a good place to start up with it tomorrow I suppose!


About problemmachine

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