March 19th: Reflections

Ended up feeling very low energy today. Perhaps a consequence of my aggressive consumption of caffeine, or perhaps just a slow day. Regardless, though I didn’t get a ton of work done, I am coming up with some interesting questions about what I’m trying to do now and what I should do next.

First: There’s SOMETHING wrong with my input text fields, and as far as I can tell it’s something weird. That is to say, there shouldn’t be any problem with trying to use them the way I’m using them, and yet they’re simply not working. I’ve compared the input code to similar segments in the map editor, and they’re close enough to identical that I can’t see what would break it. What’s going on is either the parent object is interfering somehow — it shouldn’t be, but it’s possible — or some weird inconsistency in AIR or Haxe.

Now that I think of it, a good way to see the scope of this problem would be to start testing the text control panels: almost all of the ones I’ve made so far control numerical values, with a few controlling booleans, so the text field entry is, while nice, not absolutely necessary. However, testing the string control fields should really put a point on the problem.

In addition to that pickle of a problem, I’ve discovered that the layout code I’m using for the control panels, when it arranges for width, includes the width of all of the objects that are hidden by the control panel’s mask. This means that, in the case of a small scroll window hiding a lot of options, there’s a huge empty space afterwards, completely eradicating the convenience of a scroll bar. Right now I have this master panel set up to use display objects and arrange them as necessary, but it may be necessary to force it to only take other scroll window objects so it can manage them properly — or, possibly, allow it to have both, with different code for managing each.

Man, I’ve had my head in this stuff that has little to do with the core of the game, and in side projects and day jobs, so much of the damn time, it feels like I’m barely working on the game at all. This is no good. Things should loosen up a bit at the end of the month, though, since I’m wrapping some stuff up then.

Of course, it was supposed to be the end of last month before. So it goes.


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