March 13th/14th: On-screen

Man, it feels so much better when I can actually compile something and get it up on screen.


Up top you can see the new scrolling window class housing the control panel elements. To be honest, it’s still pretty glitchy, but you can see how it’s supposed to work there, anyway, and as I use it more I should be able to iron out the kinks pretty quickly.

Also, you may notice a new window there in middle-right part of the screen. I originally just added this to be an easily accessible test instance of the control panel, so I could load whatever test parameters I wanted into it and try them out, but on a moment’s reflection I realized that this could be something extremely useful. As you can see there, I’ve added a toggle for displaying/hiding the FPS in the upper left. Because I didn’t create the original editor with this kind of control in mind, it may require creating a couple of special functions to handle some of the other parameters I’d like to control (for instance, which editing mode it’s in), but I’m nevertheless excited by the potential of this. This is the benefit of spending extra time developing super flexible classes: You never know just how they’ll prove themselves useful!


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