March 10th: Recovery

Still kind of getting used to being back home! Even though I was just gone for a few days, they were pretty packed days so it felt like a lot longer. Coming back here, I’m sure as shit ready to be done with this whole stupid scroll bar thing. I think it’s mostly done now, I just wrote all of the code to draw and place the components. Probably. There will likely be some issues with it, but, you know, easier to fix than to invent. After this, I just need to write the listeners, the code that actually handles the input, which shouldn’t be all too difficult, and the component is good to go.

At which point I can finally get back to working on the damn entity and detail editors. Still a step removed from actually creating content, but a lot more exciting than this UI stuff that the player will probably never even see, and which has sucked up way too much of my valuable goddamn time.


About problemmachine

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