March 3rd: Scrolls

Didn’t feel great today so I was only able to get the scroll bar started. This also required retooling the slider component slightly for use in the scroll bar: Before, the head of the slider would slide off of the edge of the track at the beginning and the end, as though it were a knob popping out above it. Now I’ve changed it so it’s bounded completely by the track, as though it were a block of wood resting in a channel. This makes relatively little difference in its normal functionality as a slider, though it looks a bit nicer in most cases: However, since most scroll bars change the size of the slider based on the amount of information there to scroll through, and since that slider is constrained within the bounds of the track, it’s necessary for a scroll bar to restrict it in this way.

Anyway, I did that and I started the Scroll Bar class, though most of it is just roughly blocked out for now. Unfortunately I think that’s all I’m up to for today. Once I finish these editors, it might be a good opportunity to take a bit of a break, recharge my batteries a bit, before I dive into more creative work again.


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