February 17th: Insufficient

The disaster that was today is beyond the scope of this dev blog. The part that’s relevant here is that I realized, when going through and making all of the behavior control panels, that I’d failed to account for a very important type of input while creating the control panels, and that’s an expandable list of subcomponents.

The most obvious and simple example of this is for the tag system, where each entity needs to be able to handle an arbitrary number of distinct tags. A control panel for that isn’t useful unless it allows adding and removing tags.

If it were JUST the tag system I could use some kind of workaround, like delimiting tags using some special character, but this actually comes up in a lot of different places so I need to figure out a proper solution. That’s what I’m going to be working on tomorrow.


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2 Responses to February 17th: Insufficient

  1. NE1 says:

    I fell your pain. I’ve had to review the entirety of my scripts because of major miscalculations twice now and I may be looking at a third time. Always fun. Good luck.

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