February 15th: About Time?

Wow I completely lost track of time somehow and forgot to put up a post yesterday. I guess since I put up the weekly devblog post on Problem Machine I completely forgot to also put a daily post up here. Oh well, not a big deal, nothing amazing happened. I got the slider component working again and tested that out in the detail editor, so that editor is close to being back up and operational again. I’ll probably be tackling the detail editor again once I get a bit further into the entity editor, since there’s probably a few common aspects between them that only make sense to tackle concurrently.

Anyway, now that the slider works I’ve started in on the behavior panels again. I’ve been running super low on energy the last few days, so I wasn’t able to get that much done on them before running out of juice, but at this point I know pretty much exactly where I’m headed next. This might not be rapid progress, but as long as it’s steady I’m happy.


About problemmachine

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