February 12th/13th: Building Extra Wheels

I ended up feeling pretty lousy again today and was also distracted by other stuff, so I didn’t get a ton done, but I think I made a bit of progress. I’ve been using slider code which I found online and been slowly modifying it to suit my needs, but I finally got frustrated with it’s foreign coding conventions and decided to just wipe it and rewrite it to suit myself. Well, that’s overstating the case — I kept most of the functional code, but I changed the naming convention to one I favor, trimmed out a lot of the extraneous documentation, stripped out all of the weird ugly AS3 conventions that don’t even work properly in Haxe anyway, and generally made it smaller, denser, and simpler. It may be largely a matter of taste, but whatever: If I’m going to be debugging it it helps if I can read it.

That done, it… still doesn’t work. I’ll retackle it tomorrow. It should be relatively easy now that I know exactly what everything is supposed to be doing.


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