January 28th: Easy does it

I was feeling really low energy and depressive today and it was also a writing day, so I didn’t get a ton done. I ended up just spending some more time figuring out bits of back story. I’m discovering a whole new aspect of the story, though, by exploring it like this, which definitely expands the meaning of the game in ways I can’t claim to completely understand yet. It’s really interesting…

I may see if I can do some sort of non-spoilery write-up for this stuff and put it up later as well. Others may find it cool. We shall see.


About problemmachine

What is the nature of your problem? Can we modify the nature of your problem? Can your problem be touched? Eaten? May we eat your problem for you? May we eat your soul for you? Would you like a replacement problem? We make problems. We eat souls. We crap solutions. We are Problem Machine.
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