January 22nd: Galling

I’m starting to bog down again. I just am having an extremely difficult time figuring out how to approach designing an interface for playing music that’s as flexible as I need. It may, in fact, come down to simply writing custom music programming for each level… which isn’t disastrous, I guess, but it is ugly and, as implied, galling.

Goddammit. There’s got to be a better way. Perhaps, though, for the time being, I should just move forward on the assumption that there isn’t, and get it working in whatever dirty way I have to. Truth be told, no matter how flexible I make this code, special cases are probably going to come up anyway. It’s just in the nature of the game I’m making: I want to fuck with player expectations, and the only way that’s possible is if I can break my own rules, and that’s only possible with custom code.

So, maybe it’s time to just bite the bullet and move forward. Maybe I’ll just create a separate special behavior for each area, custom coded to provide an optimal music experience. It probably won’t take much more time than I’ve already had to sink into failing to figure this shit out.

Okay. So what I’m going to do next is create a bare bones music playing entity, one that plays whatever track is appropriate when you enter an area and fades out any other music that isn’t appropriate for the area. Custom versions of this will be made as I go, for separate zones. Okay. It’s not the amazing elegant solution I wanted, but it’s a solution.


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