January 14th: Somnambulance and Sound

I’m going off of caffeine for a while, so productivity and general awakeness is forecasted to decrease, while headaches and grouchiness should be on the rise. I slept for most of the day, but managed to set aside a bit of time amidst my busy napping schedule to work on the sound/music code a bit more. I’ve thought through what I’m going to need, and I think all possibilities should be fairly well covered with a timed transition system, one which allows me to cross-fade between music tracks either immediately or after a set interval. This covers the simple and probably common scenario of simple cross-fading music tracks, as well as more sophisticated situations such as layering multiple tracks or having one track switch to another after a particular measure.

Now, the next thing is to pull back one layer higher, and start thinking about how the commands to change music track will be stored and interpreted. There are a number of game events that should be capable of driving the music, so this may actually be somewhat of a tricky issue. We’ll see. I’ll think about it more tomorrow. As the week goes on, and my body gets used to being without caffeine, I should be able to think more clearly.


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