January 12th: Side Quest

I have gotten well and truly tired of this fucking collision code, so I decided to work on something else. That something else, in this case, turned out to be the Sound Manager, a component of the game I initially created and never actually tested more than a year ago. What I’m doing is partially porting it from AS3 to Haxe, partially fixing any errors or sloppy bits I notice as I go, and partially thinking up new ways to expand its power and flexibility in order to make it a stronger component in the long run. I’m hoping to eventually polish it to a point where it’s as elegant and useful as the BitmapManager class I’ve already developed.

Once I get the sound manager itself created, I’m probably going to create a complementary music manager. It actually may, in fact, just be a modified interface that goes on top of the sound manager and has additional functionality. We’ll see. Since I’m actually planning on doing some at least slightly interactive music stuff, it’s starting to become important to figure out how those pieces are going to slot in.


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