December 26th: Homecoming

I spent most of today in transit so I didn’t get a LOT done, but I started planning out the entity editor and laying out the groundwork of what I’d need to get that done, code-wise. In a perfect world I’d like to have an editor that allowed me to write code for game entities and have it update their behavior in real-time, but such an editor would be a pretty massive undertaking and would probably cause more delays than it’s worth. I MAY be able to put together a more minimalistic entity construction tool, where you can drag and drop behaviors and manually set their parameters to quickly craft minor variations on the standard entities. It’s still a not-insubstantial task, but may just be feasible. Dunno! I’ll think about it.

I also spent a bit of time trying to figure out what’s going wrong with the collision detection, but not enough to make any solid progress yet. More on that tomorrow I suppose.


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