March 26th: Ship’s agoin’ down

Hello true believers! Last night I got all– well, mostly– caught up with transcribing my notes into my design files, and followed that up with writing the first set of encounters for The Descent. There’s two more such sets to work through before this area is complete, and I’m going to be trying to tackle those tonight– right after I finish posting this, in fact.

These sections are taking much longer to write out than expected. The Descent has proven to be a difficult section of the game for me to personally understand and to visualize, since in this case I really have to navigate by touch. I didn’t start this with a simple explanation of what this area was and what role it played in the story, but as I continue working on it I start to feel it out, to understand what this place means, and understand what sort of things belong there.

Let’s see if I can wrap this section up tonight and move on to the next!


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