March 6th: Lofty Aspirations

I actually got some of the animating I was talking about doing done today. Aaaaand I forgot to export it again, but I’d feel bad about ripping you off on that for two days in a row so I’m gonna go do that real quick:


Some of this is a bit jerky, and I’m trying to figure out now between what level of jerkiness is acceptable, since she’s going to have to be able to transition between these animations with some degree with arbitrariness as to when in the animation she does it. This stop animation doesn’t look perfect, but it should work okay for either right or left steps which is my major concern at this stage. It doesn’t have to be perfect: Once I get something that works well enough to be getting on with I can polish it as time permits, but first I need to get something done to polish.

Aside from that, I’ve been working on the level flow for The Cathedral today. I tried to come up with something clever relating to that for the title here and ugh I dunno. All I could think of were catheter puns that no one would even get. Um, that has nothing to do with the actual work I’ve been doing though, which surprisingly went better than expected.

I completed all of the basic flow concepting for the cathedral in one go, and I think some of the ideas I came up with for it were really cool. Also, as I went, I started thinking that this would be one area that might be stronger for actually not having a bunch of strange secrets and mysteries hidden in nooks and crannies, which… would save me a lot of time. So I may actually be even closer to done with this area than I would be otherwise, if I still agree with that assessment tomorrow!

So, let’s see. Tomorrow I finish the level flow for the cathedral and plan out its enemies, and work on more animations… I need to create a turn animation for transitioning from left to right and back again. Now, I’m not sure whether I’ll need to create separate turn animations for stopping turns and running turns or not, but I can feel that issue out as I go along. Again, just gotta get something down that I can work with…

Oh, right, one more thing. I got another story written last night: That one should go up on the next Problem Machine update!


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